MANKATO, Minn. - For those who have wondered what it looks like to be a Minnesota Viking for a day, new technology is now providing fans that look.

When Vikings ownership purchased a pair of the quite trendy, Google Glass two months ago. It turned out that the question of who would use them was the easier answering how they would use them.

While Google Glass has many uses. The Vikings are using them on players including Cordarelle Patterson and Anthony Barr to simply give fans perspective and access that they can't get anywhere else.

Patterson wore the technology on a walk through the Vikings' dorms in Mankato. Rookie Anthony Barr wore his pair when he threw out the first pitch at the Twins game a few months ago.

It may not be a competitive advantage on the field yet, but if the Vikings website staff hopes to reach that point in the future.

"Once we have them for a full year and go through the full cycle, whether it's the combine or the draft, we'll find ways to use them," said Ryan Cardinal, Vikings Digital Media Coordinator.

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