ST. PAUL, Minn. - A search warrant filed in Ramsey County court details last week's triple murder in St. Paul that took the lives of Wade, Maria and Olivia McIntosh.

According to the warrant, police arrived to find Wade and Olivia dead inside their apartment on English Street. Maria was dead outside inside a Dodge Caravan. Anita Sprosty, the mother of Maria and Olivia, was still conscious after being shot in the head.

Sprosty was able to tell officers Jeffery Jemaile Taylor did the shooting and had left the apartment with the baby. Taylor and Maria McIntosh had an 18-month-old daughter together. Sprosty was then immediately taken to Regions Hospital.

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Police officers searching for Jeffery Jemaile Taylor found his half-brother hiding in a shed with the toddler. After he was taken into custody, the brother talked to police. According to the warrant, he told them his brother drove to the apartment and told him to wait in the car. The brother said he heard gunshots, then Taylor returned holding the child and said to take care of her. The brother told police Taylor then walked toward the apartment, and he heard another gunshot.

Meantime, the warrant states Taylor's mother told police Taylor called her after the time of the murders.

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"She received a call from Jeffery Jemaile after the time of the murders, and Jeffery Jemaile stated he was going to kill himself and hung up the phone," the warrant states.

Police say they found Jeffery Jemaile dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. His half-brother was released from jail, as the county attorney asked the police to investigate further to see if charges are warranted.

The 18-month-old child is unharmed, according to family members. Anita Sposty remains hospitalized.

McIntosh family members believe the motive for the shooting was an argument over custody of the young child.