WAYZATA, Minn. - A food addiction treatment program is attracting participants from around the world, as it addresses binging and compulsive overeating as if they were alcoholism.

Experts at the COR Retreat say food addictions are the same as any other addiction and should be treated with a 12-step program.

This weekend nine new participants are going through the five-day retreat at the center hidden in the trees behind restaurants on Wayzata Blvd. East.

In addition to learning the 12 steps, attendees learn healthy eating, dig into the root of their problems in small groups, and gain accountability.

Past participants are also in attendance to give advice and share their success stories.

“Once I learned to put down that food, I could see what the real problem was", said Julie Musech, who has lost 107 pounds since attending the COR Retreat in March, 2016. "The real problem was not food. The real problem was that I’m soul sick.”

Rather than learning self-control, Musech says she learned surrender at the retreat, and that was a key to her success.

The COR Retreat hosts about 15 food addiction retreats per year at a cost of $1,250 each.