NISSWA, Minn. - It was funny... until it wasn't. 

Things were a little quiet overnight Wednesday in the resort community of Nisswa, Minnesota, and boredom has been known to lead to shenanigans. On this night a pair of patrol officers decided it would be a great idea to pull a prank on their sergeant, who had just put a new Amazon Echo in his office.

Officer Luke Hall, who his chief calls the instigator of the department, had fellow officer Dan Lasher get down on the floor and ask the Echo's Alexa through the crack under the door to play Rick Astley's 'Never gonna give you up" on repeat. When the pair decided it wasn't loud enough... Officer Lasher told Alexa to play it on full volume. Hall captured the whole thing on video, and posted it to the Nisswa Police Department's Facebook page. 

That's when things took a turn. When the song started driving them crazy the guys knew they couldn't wait until Sergeant Rothwell reported for work Thursday morning. They tried to get Alexa to stop, but the volume was so loud the Echo didn't register their request. In a way Lasher and Hall 'Rickrolled' themselves, a bait-and-switch type prank that involves the 80's tune that is either much-loved... or greatly despised. 

Nisswa Chief Craig Taylor says Alexa did stop the Rickroll sometime during the night, because when he came in around 8:15 a.m. Thursday there were just loud beeps coming from the sergeant's locked office. The chief says it's not the first prank played and videotaped by Officer Hall, and maintains it keeps things interesting.

"I would say everyone here has a pretty good sense of humor," the chief said with a chuckle. 

When asked if there would be any consequences for the two overnight cops, Taylor said definitely not. "It is funny," he said, noting that another clip posted on the department's Facebook page showed Officer Lasher slipping and wiping out at a scene last winter. Chief Taylor believes showing a sense of humor helps break down barriers between his department and the residents they serve.