For a serious game, golf still attracts those with a sense of humor.

“Oh, we’re old turds, playing a little golf,” Gib Peterson said.

“Whatever he says!” Jack Finley laughed, sitting beside his buddy in a golf cart.

If it’s “Old Turd Tuesday” (yep, that’s what they call it) at Saddleback Golf Club in Firestone, you’ll find Jack and Gib hacking and cracking jokes.

“I play military golf,” Gib said. “I go left, right, left, right.”

It’s a good thing these golfers play at a course that shares a taste for comedy. The historical marker at hole four is hard to miss. It reads: “On this exact spot in the afternoon of August 5th, 2017 a marital dispute was won by the husband. At 12:58 he told his wife she shouldn’t drive the golf cart because she is a horrible driver. 5 minutes later, she accidentally drove cart #42 into the lake.”

It’s a true story, according to Josh Clay. He’s the facilities maintenance manager at Saddleback. He says a woman convinced her husband to let her tag along as a spectator for a golf tournament over the summer.

“She told him, ‘The only reason I came to this golf tournament was to drive the cart,' and he told her, ‘Well, you’re not a very good driver,’” Clay said.

On hole four, Clay said the wife hopped in the driver’s seat and tried to navigate a roundabout while dodging parked golf carts.

“When she went to hit the brake, she accidentally hit the gas and confirmed her husband’s suspicions that she was not a very good driver,” Clay said.

Clay still remembers the call that went over the radio.

“Our marshal at the time came over the radio and all you hear is, ‘We have a woman in the lake,’” he said. “’Wait, no, we have a golf cart in the lake!’”

Clay said the husband’s clubs were soaked and the couple lost their cell phones and wallets.

“Boy, they lost everything in this tragedy,” he chuckled.

Now, there’s a monument to this great tragedy – or comedy, depending on your perspective. The club’s marketing director came up with the idea for the “historical marker.”

“Wouldn’t it be nice to commemorate that time that that husband told his wife something and he was actually right about it?” Clay said.

Clay went into the lake himself that day to help retrieve cart #42. Since then, the course has had to replace the cart’s engine, part of the transmission, the battery and more. The golf cart was saved, but we don’t know about the marriage. The husband and wife referenced in the historical marker are welcomed back to Saddleback Golf Club any time.

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