MINNEAPOLIS - Move over Peeps lovers and haters, there's a new debate when it comes to Easter candy. 

In a new ranking by CandyStore.com, Minnesota's favorite jelly bean is none other than ... black licorice. 

Now, it's well known that food rankings for Minnesota aren't always accurate -- remember the grape salad debacle? And this fits nicely into that category, prime for social media debate. 

But our state, like several others across the country -- the flavor is ranked No. 1 nationwide, is said to favor the black licorice when it comes to picking through the jelly bean bowl. 

As stated on the website, "Apparently, you can’t knock a classic. Black licorice was one of the original Jelly Belly jelly bean flavors back in the 1970s and still reins supreme to this day."

The full map is below:

Source: 9+ years online candy sales data from CandyStore.com.