EAGAN, Minn. - Police officers will tell you their jobs are rarely boring. Each shift they are sent out to handle everything from squabbling neighbors to armed robberies, and everything in between.

On Wednesday around 7:30 a.m. Eagan squads were dispatched on a call that was a first for most of the officers involved. There was a pair of Llamas in the road.

Yep. Llamas.

Callers said the critters were wandering around in the middle of Pilot Knob Road and Skyline, a busy stretch of road to be sure. By the time officers arrived the Llamas had left the traffic lanes, and were peacefully munching grass by the side of the road.

An Eagan Police Sergeant was able to wrangle the llamas while colleagues spoke with neighbors about where the critters came from. Officers were eventually able to find their home, about two blocks away from where they entered the busy roadway.

The llamas aren't in trouble, but someone will be. You see, residents are not permitted to house llamas in that section of Eagan.