GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Before Christmas, people typically shop for others. After Christmas, they shop for themselves.

And they’ll find discounts as they return gifts or use gift cards. According to the National Retail Federation, nearly half of consumers are planning to shop the week after Christmas.

"Enough with everybody else, time to cash in for yourself when things are really, really discounted,” joked Allison Kaplan, the shopping and style senior editor for the Mpls. St Paul Magazine. "Things that were 30 or 40 percent off last week, now they're 60 and 70 percent off. It's discounts on top of discounts."

But just because there are discounts now, doesn't mean there won't be later. Kaplan says it is better to hold off on buying items like furniture and electronics until the New Year.

"A lot of the bigger furniture deals and bedding, sheets, things like that, that's going to happen in January,” she said. “You’re not going to find deals this week on electronics. That's going to happen when newer models role out and that's going to be closer to spring."

But if you’re looking for a new television, she says the next time to find good sales on flat screens is two weeks before the Super Bowl.

That said, sales aren’t going away, no matter how hard retailers try.

"The big theme this year, retailers just sort of admitted they have not been able to get us out of this cycle of sale shopping,” she said. “As hard as they try, there are as many sales before Christmas as there will be after."

She said another deal to be had in January is gym memberships, and the longer you wait, the better deal you most likely will find.

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