MINNEAPOLIS – It's not every day you hear people describe 15 degrees as "amazing".

"Seriously it feels like we're having a heat wave," said Alli Sisk. "I think we'll be in the thirties tomorrow. I'm excited."

KARE 11 found Sisk and her friends playing broomball at Lord Fletcher's in Spring Park on Lake Minnetonka Thursday night.

After the cold stretch that just hit Minnesota, do you blame them for feeling a bit relieved, even if it is still cold?

"It's definitely a nice warm up midwinter. You kind of get used to it when it's freezing," said Nick Bellomy. "Now it's thirty and it feels like summer."

That feeling is somewhat in your head than what's actually happening outside of it, according to Vincent Barnett, a professor of Physiology at the University of Minnesota.

He says it typically takes about a week or so for the body to completely adapt to a drastic change in temperature. The first time we see a change the more cold or warm it feels to us.

Professor Barnett showed how this works by dipping his right hand in ice cold water. His left hand was dry. He then dipped both hands in water at 52 degrees.

The ice cold hand felt like it was dipped in a warm bath, but the dry hand felt like the 52 degree water was freezing.

"There's a little over reaction at the point we have the temperature change," he said.

And for people who spend more time outside actually do a lot better at dealing with extreme temperature changes because their bodies have adjusted to the outdoor environments, he said.

But no matter you explain it, the warm up sure feels good.

"We will be in flip flops," joked Bellomy.