WILLMAR, Minn. -- Go! Go! Go!

Willmar's new nearly million dollar playground is a go.

"This is a jewel of Willmar. It's 55 acres, it's on an island," said Willmar Mayor Marv Calvin, referring to Robbins Island Park.

And, now, stands this 19,000 square feet "Destination Playground," packed with swings, merry-go-rounds, and drawbridges, all on that soft, rubbery flooring.

Construction started on May 10th and within days the structures were popping up, thanks to the help of nearly 38-hundred volunteers from the community.

"It was an 11-day build from the time we started until the time we completed, so it was a good project, it went very fast," said Mayor Calvin.

The volunteers helped build it quick mostly because the town had been dreaming about it for years. The funding finally came through: Jennie-O started by giving $500-thousand dollars. All of a sudden, dozens were donating thousands with the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee Legacy Fund swooping in with a $100-thousand dollar grant.

"Your future is important to us and that's what these projects are, they're going to live on long, long, long past that football game," said Dana Nelson with the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee.

Yeah, long after Super Bowl LII in February, kids will still be smiling at "Destination Playground." Only, the adults in Willmar are already smiling because they literally built this dream as a team.

"Our community has had some diversity, some new diversity in it. And, so, what we wanted to do is we wanted to build a playground to try and bring that together. But, what we found is that building the playground is what built the community," said Mayor Calvin.