WAYZATA, Minn. -- A woman who was hit by a falling tree at Punch Pizza and critically injured on May 6 is expected to return home to Oregon on Wednesday.

Micki Scott has remained hospitalized in Minnesota ever since the accident in which she broke seven ribs, punctured a lung and fractured her pelvic in five areas, according to her husband Dan Scott.

"She's a tough little cookie," said Dan. "She's very determined, and she's on the mend."

The couple's plan to visit the Twin Cities for a few days for a birthday party has turned into a month-long stay.

This week Dan's efforts to bring his wife home to Portland may finally pay off thanks to the donations that poured into the couple's GoFundMe account after KARE 11 broke the story. Donation totals reached $15,767 on Saturday.

"I can only thank all these people from the bottoms of our hearts," said Dan.

With the severity of her injuries, Micki's best option to get home is an air ambulance. AMR Air Ambulance quoted Dan's cost for their services at $18,750, according to an email from AMR Air Ambulance.

"It's very expensive but well worth it to get her home, because the doctors say the healing process will be enhanced 100 fold by getting her home on her home turf with friends and family," said Dan.

The air ambulance is scheduled to pick up Micki and Dan and fly them home next Wednesday--that's if the donation funds arrive in time. Dan says he requested the funds from GoFundMe last Tuesday.

The tree that fell was located on city property, but Dan says so far the City of Wayzata hasn't offered assistance.

"I just don't understand the lack of compassion and responsibility on the part of the local officials here," said Dan. "It blows me away."

Dan says he'll be seeking legal counsel from Oregon attorneys once he and Micki return home.

When KARE 11 broke the story in May, the City of Wayzata issued this statement:

"With regard to the unfortunate incident on May 6, 2017, the City continues to wish the injured woman well and hopes for a full recovery. The tree that fell was located on City property, known as "The Big Woods." The Minnesota Land Trust owns and operates a conservation easement over this area. Since the incident, and in addition to providing fast and a high-level emergency response from our Police and Fire Department, the City has been working with the business and property owner associated with Punch Pizza to clean up the site and remove any additional trees in the neighboring area that could be any kind of threat in the future. Lastly, the City has provided information on the incident to the City’s insurer, the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust, who will process any claims related to the incident."
Jeffrey Dahl
City Manager, City of Wayzata