BLOOMINGTON, Minn. -- It’s been almost a year since Honour Finley captured her second state title in the 400- meter dash, but as she prepares for her senior season, what she accomplished as a junior is still paying off.

“I was excited to hear that we were being given this opportunity,” Finley said.

It’s an opportunity that goes to show just how small this world really is.  Just ask Finley’s mentor, Bloomington Kennedy assistant girls track and field Coach Radious Guess.

“While sitting in a women’s track and field meeting I heard the name of my former (Colorado Flyers) coach Tony Wells,” Guess said. “I was told you could apply for funding assistance for your track program, but you’d only be eligible if you had coached a winning state champion.”

Finley though was just one piece of the puzzle.  The other big part was community service, something the Eagles as a team have bonded over while giving back.

“A lot of our kids came from Valley View Middle School,” Bloomington Kennedy head girls track and field Coach Pete Svien said. “We took a look at their (track and field) facilities, and they’re not up to par. It’s something we can give back to future generations so I think that’s where we want to go with it.”

It just so happens everything the Eagles have done was enough to earn $600 from the Tony Wells Development Grant, money the team will use to upgrade their resistance equipment.

“Right now we have 50 plus girls on the team,” Guess said.  “This is the largest pool of girls on the track team we’ve seen in eight years.  We’re trying to build something.  We’re trying to grow something.  What a better way to start it then by building it with some resistance equipment.”