MINNEAPOLIS -- It is touted as a big time event with high-flying action.

And it’s clear why fans came to U.S. Bank Stadium to watch the X Games.

"It appeals to people on a more accessible level. Everyone grew up with a skateboard or a bike or a scooter,” said Zach Green, of Minneapolis.

But not everyone is familiar with the competition so below are just a few of the basics.

ESPN started the X Games in 1995 as a way to capture the audience that wasn't watching traditional sports.

"I'm not a big sports guy but extreme sports is a whole other ball game,” he said

And it's grown considerably with competitors going for medals in both the summer and winter games. You’ve probably seen some of the winter events featured in the winter Olympics and in the next summer Olympics skateboarding will be added.

"They're fast. They're competitors. At the end of the day everyone is in for it for a good time and the thrills,” said Johnny Powers, of Roseville.

Some of the events include BMX biking and skateboarding with the athletes doing some pretty amazing things while hurling themselves in the air.

And the competition isn't the only thing colorful -- just ask about the lingo.

"A melon grab or a no-comply,” Green said when asked about his favorite term.

According to ESPN -- it's grabbing the heel-side of the board by reaching behind the front leg with the front hand.

Another term we heard about – footjam nosepick. Sounds gross. But actually it’s to jam a foot between the front tire and fork to stall the BMX bike on top of a ramp or other obstacle.

Or apparently there's this classic.

"I hear the guys interviewed after they win their medals and they're stoked on this, and stoked on that and stoke-idy-stoke-stoked,” said Powers while laughing.

If you're scoring at home, that means excited. Enjoy the games.