MINNEAPOLIS – Two Minneapolis golf courses will likely not open for the remainder of the season.

"It's pretty sad," admits Sara Ackmann, Director of Golf for Minneapolis Park and Recreation. "You want to hear golfers, but it's just quiet right now."

Both Meadowbrook Golf Course and Hiawatha Golf Course continue dealing with flood damage and standing water after historic June rains. The two courses neighbor the swollen Minnehaha Creek.

"If the whole season is a wash between the two courses, we're looking at $900 to $1 million losses in revenue alone," says Ackmann.

It means the term 'in the hole' has a darker definition.

"We will have to shift funds around," she says. "We are also putting together estimates for FEMA."

How much damage there is remains a mystery at Meadowbrook as floodwaters refuse to recede. City officials say it could be two to three more weeks.

The city's three other courses, Wirth, Gross, and Columbia, remain open.

"We hope people utilize them," says Ackmann. "We hope to reseed as soon as possible and start preparing for next year."