WOODBURY, Minn - It was a homecoming of sorts for Woodbury native Jake Guentzel Thursday afternoon.

As a rookie Guentzel played a key role in the Pittsburgh Penguins second consecutive Stanley Cup Championship this past June.

"It was obviously a cool day, and something I’ll remember for awhile," Guentzel says.

So cool, in fact, he wanted to share the moment with his hometown in Minnesota.

Hundreds lined up both inside and outside of HealthEast Sports Center in Woodbury to catch a glimpse--and maybe a selfie--with Guentzel and the infamous Stanley Cup trophy. The first fan in line arrived at midnight for the event that started at 1 p.m.

“Obviously I wouldn’t be here without the City of Woodbury and this rink," Guentzel told reporters before the event.

He thanked friends and family for help along his self proclaimed "crazy" journey.

"You work so hard your whole life," Guentzel says. "To have my family and friends here, it makes it fun for all of us."