In His Own Words:

"Being a head football coach was always something I have wanted to do. I was fortunate to have great high school coaches and felt the positive impact one can have on a student/athlete at that time in their life. Going through the interview process in Buffalo really opened my eyes to the positive energy and support the administration has for our school and community here.

One of the greatest challenges we face is probably expectations. Many people may feel there will be instant success, which we will strive for but the reality is football takes some time and learning. New coaches, terminology, and everyone getting comfortable with the vision of the program can be a process.

The most exciting part is working with kids and watching them grow. Not only on the field but in all aspects of life. Football is the ultimate team game. Being able to use this great sport as a tool to teach kids about work ethic and character which can last a lifetime. Being a great Head Coach is a process and something that you will always be learning. Most of what everyone will get from me will be based on my experiences. Everyone has to buy into their role, which is something all of us have gone through at some time in our life. Through all of the highs and lows of my athletic career I feel I can relate to what many athletes are going through."

Todd Bouman, Buffalo Football Head Coach