WACONIA, Minn. – Cheering for the girls basketball team in Waconia is like watching tennis.

It's an up-and-down the court feeding frenzy.

"This is definitely unconventional," admits coach Carl Pierson. "It's been an interesting season."

Prior to the season tipping off, Pierson looked at his players and decided to create the "fun and gun" offense.

"We looked at the height of our kids and realized we're not going to be able to match up with all the really large posts in our conference," said Pierson. "In our offense, everyone has the green light to shoot."

It's led to an explosion of points. The Wildcats are 10-15 this season, but average 93 points per game. It's the highest average in girls basketball state history.

"When we scored 111 points in our first game, we thought this would be a fun season," recalls senior captain Sam Laumann. "It's been a fun season."

Pierson admits the defense isn't where he wants it, but he says "we remain a dangerous team."

Nationally, the Wildcats sit in the top five for most points in a season.