CHASKA, Minn. - Last year’s Ryder Cup turned out to be a dominant golf victory for the Americans over the Europeans. But it was an incident during the practice rounds that may have set the tone for the whole winning weekend. David Johnson, originally from New London, Minnesota now residing in North Dakota, got so tired of seeing the Europeans miss a specific putt on the 8th hole that he felt compelled to speak up. “I can make that putt!” Johnson shouted.

Henrik Stenson of Team Europe invited him under the ropes and onto the green to try to make it. With a crowd of onlookers cheering him on, Johnson somehow came through in the clutch and made the putt. He also won the $100 bill that European golfer Justin Rose placed beside his ball before the putt. The highlight soon became a worldwide sensation.

Some ten months later, Johnson returned to Hazeltine National, a guest of member Greg Kummer who wanted to invite the guy who started all the fun last fall. Johnson, joined by his dad and cousin, golfed all 18 holes and while Johnson’s round wasn’t filled with the kind of thrills he experienced last year, it certainly brought back plenty of memories.