ST. LOUIS PARK, Minn. -- Dana Arvidson has conducted hundreds of estate sales, some of which garnered five or 6,000 hits on her Estate Sales Minnesota website. Nothing could prepare her for an estate sale with Twin Cities broadcast and sports writing legend Sid Hartman.

"A lot of people are wondering what we have," she said. "The sale has received about 12,000 hits as of Thursday morning," Arvidson added. Seems Sid is sure to draw a crowd on Saturday, Jan. 11, for his 9 a.m. estate sale at 6900 Oxford Street in St. Louis Park.

As with most estate sales, patrons will get a number when they arrive, and they'll be let in the doors (once they open) according to when they arrived.

While the bobbleheads and books and radio reels catch your eye when you walk in the door, the majority of the items for sale are clothes from bygone eras. "He is always a snappy dresser and you know, being in the public eye, he took pride in that," Arvidson explained.

"Wouldn't you pay more for a suit if you knew Sid Hartman wore it?" Arvidson's daughter and co-worker Alyssa Martin wondered. Martin was fascinated as she thumbed through a rack of suit coats; she was about to go through each one, look at its condition, and put a price on it. "Some of this stuff is probably from the 70's and the 80's and all of that's coming back now," she said.

"Sid Hartman is downsizing," NewsRadio 830 WCCO host Dave Lee proclaimed in a "bit" he filed on the upcoming sale. Sid talked about it when he joined Lee on Thursday morning. "I got so much crap around here and I got a chance to give some money away to charity and some stuff away to other people," the legendary writer and radio man told Lee.

Hartman will be on hand Saturday to sign some of the merchandise for sports fans. Dave Lee suggested he change his sales pitch a little bit. "I shouldn't call it crap. A lot of good stuff, lots of good clothes," Sid Hartman concluded.