MINNEAPOLIS – The All-Star Game calls for a major league police presence, and this week the Minneapolis Police Department is enlisting the help of more than twenty other law enforcement agencies.

Officers from agencies such as Rogers, Edina, St. Paul and Washington and Hennepin Counties will help patrol streets, assisting with crowd control and traffic flow as tens of thousands of baseball fans crowd into downtown Minneapolis.

"Primarily on foot, but we have officers on bicycles, on horses, in squad cars," said Commander Scott Gerlicher with Minneapolis police. "We want a high uniform presence in downtown area to create a safe and welcoming image for downtown Minneapolis. We have access to our complete public safety camera system, over 200 cameras, in addition to portable camera trailers."

Gerlicher spoke from the police department's hidden command center in downtown Minneapolis where more than 30 high level officers monitored cameras, crews on the ground and coordinated safety logistics in preparation for events leading up to Tuesday's game.

The strategy is similar to other major events from disasters like the 35W bridge collapse or President Barack Obama's recent visit.

Commander Steve Frazer, from St. Paul Police, patrolled on foot Sunday. The quiet night was without incident and Frazer enjoyed mingling with excited fans.

"The radio wouldn't be this quiet on a normal day, you know?" said Frazer. "This kind of energy is infectious. We don't always get this doing our job."

Officers will be in full force through Tuesday night. The police presence took six months of planning.