MINNEAPOLIS - Memorabilia collectors flocked to the Major League Baseball All-Star Game FanFest Tuesday as unique items fetched top dollar.

"It's sweet but I don't know that it's worth my mortgage," proclaimed one man as he peered at the auction's top item through a glass display case.

The autographed Lou Gehrig first baseman's mitt from 1935 sold for $287,500.


Other items sold at auction:

-Roy Campanella Hall of Fame Induction ring ($86,250)

-Jackie Robinson professional model baseball bat c.1953 ($80,500)

-1958 Harmon Killebrew Wash. Senators professional model home jersey ($40,250)

-1971 Harmon Killebrew Twins professional model road jersey ($20,700)

Other collectors found items within their price point including signed balls and jerseys.

"Our basement is full of memorabilia," said Trig Aanenson who was visiting with his dad from South Dakota.

He snagged a signed Kent Herbick hat for $260.

"I'm going to hang it up in my room," said Aanenson.

Mike Crane of Minneapolis nabbed an over sized Louisville slugger display bat, like the one Kirby Puckett posed with in Sports Illustrated, for $450.

"I have a lot of Kirby Puckett stuff," said Crane. "It's one of a kind."