PHILADELPHIA - Vikings All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson is recovering following surgery to repair his adductor muscle.

The team released a statement Thursday afternoon announcing the procedure.

"Adrian Peterson had surgery today with Dr. William Meyers at the Vincera Institute in Philadelphia, PA," the statement reads. "Dr. Meyers was able to successfully repair Adrian's adductor muscle while also doing a compartmental release. Adrian is expected to make a full recovery in approximately 6 weeks."

The problem was initially described as trouble with his groin. Peterson was first injured in a loss at Seattle on November 17 and then sprained his foot at Baltimore on December 8 and ended up missing two of the season's final three games. Peterson still finished with 1,266 rushing yards, ranking fifth in the NFL, and was named to the Pro Bowl for the sixth time in his seven NFL seasons.

Peterson was forced to pull out because of the injury, and will be replaced by Green Bay's Eddie Lacy.

Wikipedia says In the human body, the adductor longus is a skeletal muscle located in the thigh. One of the adductor muscles of the hip, its main function is to adduct the thigh and it is innervated by the obturator nerve. It forms the medial wall of the femoral triangle.