EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. - Michael Vick is looking for a fresh start with a new team and a chance at a starting job this offseason.

A certain MVP says he knows who Vick should sign with.

Running back Adrian Peterson tweeted on Wednesday night that Vick "would intently make the Vikings a playoff team."

Pro Football Talk is guessing that Peterson may have meant to type instantly as the NFL Network's Twitter account had asked followers to fill in a blank about which team Vick would instantly make a playoff contender. There are plenty of people who would feel otherwise, if for no other reason than that Vick hasn't started more than 13 games in a season since 2006.

Peterson was still in college at that point.

PFT says Vick doesn't seem like an obvious choice to play in a Norv Turner-run offense, either, but Peterson's clearly looking for someone who can end the quarterback carousel of last year and help make something out of what's left of the running back's prime years. He thinks Vick can do that and we'll likely find out if his team agrees in the next few weeks.

An added note; Vick's past involvement in dog fighting, no matter how distant, could work against his being accepted in Minnesota, as the Twin Cities is known as a community that strongly advocates for animal welfare.