MINNEAPOLIS - The Minneapolis market has 41,000 hotel rooms and the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee expects every single of those to be filled during the ten day football festival. Enter, AirBnB. The home share service is helping locals cash in on the crowds coming to Minneapolis this February.

Apartments in uptown, duplexes in Downtown, or houses in St. Paul, many Minnesotans will be opening their homes to sports fans hoping for a profit. But the question on many hosts mind, what to charge? According to AirBnB, the typical price of booked listings in Houston during Super Bowl 51 was $150.00 a night, and for places within a 5 mile radius of NRG Stadium that number went up to $200.00 a night.

Some hosts are going with their gut, St. Paul host Anastasia Tess Galati says “ I usually charge 55 dollars a room in my Airbnb and I imagine I’ll triple that, probably be 155 something like that.” While others are expecting to get a higher price “we found through research that a lot of venues including other Airbnb locations are charging around a thousand dollars a head a night” says Julie Roess of Minneapolis.

Regardless, the home share market is set to bring big business to the Twin Cities. AirBnB users brought in roughly 6 million dollars of economic activity in Houston, including about 4 million dollars in host income. If you’re planning on dusting off the welcome mat to football fans this February, Minnesota hosts are offering up tips to keep you and your guests happy. Roess, who manages a Minneapolis property says, “make sure you have a good security deposit make sure you do a little bit more research and you know who’s staying at your Airbnb, prepare yourself for any possible situation and make sure you’re comfortable with it.”

For more information on becoming an AirBnB host, visit the Twin Cities Host Club Meetup page.