ALEXANDRIA, Minn. – The YMCA in Alexandria received a $50,000 grant from the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee Legacy Fund on Tuesday.

It’s part of the 52 weeks of giving campaign, where the committee travels around Minnesota donating funds to community programs aimed at helping kids.

"This for us is huge," says Conrad Bostron, CEO of the Alexandria YMCA. "What we do for annual fundraising right now is around $100,000. So it's equivalent to half of our annual campaign."

The money is going toward the purchase of 36 bikes that will be available for kids enrolled in the Y’s summer camp programs. Bostron estimates 80 to 100 kids will use them and another 100 to 200 in the community will have the potential to use them.

It’s a way to help kids get active, and to make bikes available for kids who may not have them at home.

“There are so many different sports and things that kids and families can be involved in, but this is something that everyone can be involved in," Bostron says. "You don't have to be a specialist. You don't have to have particular skills. It’s something you can enjoy."

The bikes were purchased from a local bike shop and will be put to use immediately.