MINNEAPOLIS - With a unique menu, friendly staff, and a mission to improve its community, Breaking Bread Cafe on West Broadway in North Minneapolis is finding success locally.

“One thing we have not done is any big marketing on this café,” said co-founder Princess Titus.

And now, they are part of a program aimed at helping them prosper on a larger scale.

When the NFL and its hundreds of partners come to the Twin Cities next year for the Super Bowl, there is money to be made.

“There's going to be a ton of opportunities for a lot of our businesses,” said Alex Tittle with the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee.
Tittle is working to help diverse local businesses such as Breaking Bread cash in through a program called Business Connect.

“If ESPN wants to host their party, and they want someone who provides audio-visual, they can identify who are the local and diverse businesses that are in our market that provide that function,” Tittle said.

Business Connect calls on businesses owned by women, LGBT, minorities or veterans to register for a chance to be included in a directory given to the NFL and all its partners -- a Yellow Pages of sorts for the out-of-towners who'll need food or hired help the week of the big game.

“But this is an opportunity to show folks how to advertise promote and conduct your business on a stage that's bigger than what you can do locally,” Tittle said.

The program includes training seminars to prepare the businesses. Already 700 have applied, and 350 to 400 will make the final cut.

“We are excited to be a part of the program that they're putting together for businesses. It's exactly what we needed,” Titus said.

Business Direct leaders hope the program, meant to prepare businesses for the Super Bowl will strengthen them far beyond February 2018.

The deadline for Minnesota businesses to register for Business Connect is April 1. You can sign up here: http://www.mnsuperbowl.com/business-connect