MINNEAPOLIS - Last call for volunteers!

Wednesday, September 27 is the last day to sign up for Crew 52, the army of football-loving volunteers that will help more than one million projected visitors have a great time during the 10-day Minnesota Super Bowl festival.

Crew52, powered by Cub Kindness, will serve at public gathering points such as airports, skyways, hotels, and Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee (MNSBHC) events to ensure visitors have the best guest experience during their time in Minnesota.

“Thousands of Minnesotans from across the state have signed up to join Crew 52 to welcome our Super Bowl guests and help make Minnesota shine during our Super Bowl festival,” said Maureen Bausch, CEO of the MNSBHC. “We are excited to wrap-up our volunteer recruitment phase and take the next steps to field the best team of volunteers a Super Bowl has ever seen!”

Anyone still interested in becoming a Super Bowl Volunteer needs to sign up on the Crew52 website and then schedule a volunteer interview by Saturday, September 30. Volunteers are required to go through an application process, including a background check, interview, and training sessions, before serving during the ten days of festivities leading up to big game.

All members of Crew52 will be required to work three shifts during the 10-day Super Bowl festival. In exchange, they will get a free 'winter ready' uniform and the opportunity to take part in what organizers are calling a "once in a generation" opportunity to showcase the great state of Minnesota.