MINNEAPOLIS - The 4onthefloor are adding their voices to the celebratory song of Super Bowl 52.

The band made up of bass player Matt Brandes, Jake Quam on drums, Nick Costa on guitar, and singer and guitarist Gabriel Douglas, met on the Minneapolis music scene and are hitting a high note with the track “All My Friends.”

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KARE 11 has adopted the song as it’s official Super Bowl anthem. The song is a party track about bringing everyone together.

“The song only has one verse and it's about people coming from the small town and people coming from city,” said Gabriel Douglas.

Jake Quam insists “It’s not just a statement, it’s kind of an invitation.”

With all eyes on the Twin Cities, the homegrown group is turning it up to 11.

Follow the band at The 4onthefloor.com, and their Facebook and Twitter.