MINNEAPOLIS – For the first time in more than two decades, the Super Bowl is touching down in Minnesota.

The Super Bowl Host Committee expects more than one million people to attend the game, parties, activities and more. With the big crowd, comes a big economic impact says Andrea Mokros, Vice President of Communication and Events for the Committee.

“We’re expecting an economic impact of $400 million. That’s being spent in taxis, in hotels, in local restaurants, but it’s also money being spent on hosting events at that time. There’s a lot of events, production hiring, caterers tent vendors, all sorts of local businesses to help put on the events that make up the Super Bowl.”

Minnesota marketing firms like “MADE” insist it’s an opportune time for local businesses to dig into their playbooks and turn sports fans into spenders.

“What we’re seeing is we’re working on large scale events and experiential really massive scenes that will drive people to their destinations and really see what Minnesota is all about,” said Debbie Gamboni, the Senior Account Director.

The Twin Cities will also be making a play for MVP by showcasing all that Minnesota winters have to offer.

“We’re leaning into it. We call ourselves the Bold North and we want people to be outside we want people to embrace the winter activities that make our market unique,” says Mokros, who is also on The Super Bowl Welcome Committee.

If the game can go off without a hitch, expect more large scale events to hit the metro area.

"If you can host a Super Bowl you can really host any event there is,” she added.