MINNEAPOLIS - There is roughly eight months until Super Bowl 52 and in the true “Minnesota nice” spirit, the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee is taking to social media to invite our midwestern neighbors.

“It’s been over 26 years since the Super Bowl has been in this neck of the woods, not only for Minnesotans but those surrounding states,” said Andrea Mokros, the Vice President of Communications for the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee.

With this in mind, the committee is sending out invites to our neighboring states, 140 characters at a time.

“We are running a campaign called ‘Tweets I’d Like to See.’ We worked on this with a creative director named John Jarvis, who created this concept,” said Mokros.

The campaign features tweets from Minnesota landmarks as well as other state monuments and states themselves.

“The goal of this tourism campaign is to drive visitors not just on game day but to the ten day festival and have a great time in Minnesota that they will then make a return trip in another time of year,” said Mokros.

You can view all of the "Tweets I'd Like to See" on the Minnesota Super Bowl 2018 facebook page.