MOORHEAD, Minn. -- It was an eventful start for kids at Probstfield Elementary School, as two different grants provided some new food -- and new fun.

In honor of Super Bowl 52, 52 different organizations across the state are receiving grants from the Super Bowl legacy fund. Moorhead Public Schools received a grant from the Super Bowl Legacy Fund to provide food to more students in the mornings.

While it's fun, the message to these kids is more serious: Start each day right by eating right.

$10,000 from the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee brings breakfast to more classrooms in Moorhead.

"If we can instill in our kids that habit of eating a nutritious diet and including dairy in that, they will carry that through the rest of their lives," said Kristine Spadgenske, a Minnesota farmer.

All this fuel for learning also produces an active imagination.

A second grant of $38,000 goes toward an Imagination Playground for all elementary schools in Moorhead. Foam building blocks allow kids to create what they can think of.

The grants come at a very busy time for the Moorhead District, as it's building two new schools and adding about 200 new students per year. Leaders say there is not extra money in the budget right now to buy things like imaginary playgrounds.

"It might be in our long-term planning, but it might also help us decide that this is more important than we realize and gave us a chance to, I guess, try something new," said Missy Eidsness, Assistant Superintendent for Moorhead Area Public Schools.

Healthy food and good exercise -- lessons meant to last in these kids for a lifetime.