MINNEAPOLIS - Are you feeling lucky? If you’re hoping to score a seat to Super Bowl 52, you better be.

Andrew Baydala of Ticket King in Minneapolis, MN insists “I you can a superbowl ticket during the onsale, you’ve hit the lottery.”

The 66,655 chairs at the US Bank Stadium may seem like a lot to fill but consider the distribution of the hot tickets; as the home team, the Vikings will receive a 5% percent share of the tickets, each team competing in the Super Bowl will receive 17.5%, plus each of the 32 teams in the NFL will receive 1.2% of the tickets. That leaves about 22.5% that will go to the NFL who mainly distributes to sponsors and media.

On top of the limited supply the demand is far reaching, says Baydala “this is a different animal because people are flying in here you get 100 thousand people who are just going to fly in for the weekend to be around the NFL gala and the whole event itself.”

Most fans will have to hit the secondary market to get a seat, but expect to pay sky high prices.

“Some seats are $900.00 face value, some are $1,500.00, some are $2,000.00, so those $2,000.00 face value, so they're $10,000.00 resale market,” warns Baydala.

Per SeatGeek.com, the average cost of a ticket for Super Bowl 51 in Houston was $2,500 to $3,000.00 but according to Baydala the match-up can play a major role, “I would say half the revenue would be determined by who makes the super bowl, it’s going to sell out like it always does and its going to be a high-priced event but it really depends.”