MINNEAPOLIS - Over 293 miles separate the city of Crookston from downtown Minneapolis.

There are 213 days until Super Bowl 52 but 50,000 is the number that matters.

In partnership with the Super Bowl Host Committee, during its 52-weeks of giving campaign around Minnesota, the Polk County Health Department is receiving a $50,000 grant for a new outdoor play area for kids.

"I think that our park rules say it all. Touch everything, move things around. Make noise. We want to promote creativity and the exploration of space," said Sarah Reese.

It's far from your typical playground. Just a place where kids can be kids and explore beyond the plastic playgrounds that are all so common.

"It's meant to be free form. It's meant to explore your surroundings and engage in a way that perhaps you have not engaged in before," said Reese.

The idea is to foster creativity in unconventional ways.

The park will add more features with part of the money as it grows to be part of the creative fabric of Crookston.