MINNEAPOLIS - A trip to the Super Bowl can cost thousands of dollars.

But thanks to the NFL, some lucky fans are getting a free invitation. And Thursday night, some Twin Cities kids found out they're among them.

During a recent Phelps Falcons football practice, there was some team drama brewing.

"They were mad at us at first because we missed a game to go to the Vikings game," said Isaiah Henderson.

But Henderson said that feeling quickly faded after his teammates saw him and his half brother Zaevion on national television, getting Super Bowl tickets.

"When it happened, I just didn't know what to say," Zaevion Henderson said.

They also didn't know the man who handed them over was NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

"I heard of his name but I never seen him before," Isaiah said.

Their aunt, Telyse Henderson, says Goodell wasn't the only one they didn't recognize.

"They didn't even know they were talking to Stefon Diggs," she said. "Isaiah said he always sees him with a helmet on."

Telyse Henderson says it didn't matter because it was the Vikings and the NFL that sought out her nephews, following a Sports Illustrated story last month.

"Without football, I don't know where my boys would be," she said.

In it, Telyse Henderson detailed how she adopted Isaiah after he was abused as a child and Zaevion after his mother was murdered.

"My story has happened to other people and I feel like it can give people that it's happened to hope and that they'll start believing that things will still be good for them," Zaevion Henderson said.

And it's not just good for them. The boys learned they'll be sharing the Super Bowl tickets with their entire team.

"I can definitely say that they're a big part of my life," said Isaiah.

"If it wasn't for them ... I wouldn't be here right now," Zaevion said.

"For inner city kids to be able to go in our home state and experience something of a lifetime, I think they'll remember it forever," said Telyse Henderson.