MINNEAPOLIS - It’s been 26 years since Minnesota has seen a Super Bowl.

Fans are expecting big passes, big parties, and big plays but Wayne Kostroski, the Founder of Taste of NFL is tackling a bigger issue.

“In 1992 the stat was 25 million people went to bed hungry back. In 1992 the latest numbers are over 50 million now go to bed hungry so I’ve been asked sometime isn’t that frustrating and isn’t that disappointing and do you want to give up? Well it just means that the need is even more than before," said Kostroski.

The edible event began 26 years right here.

“We were looking for different ways to really highlight the fact that super bowl was coming to Minnesota back then, one thing everybody knew it was going to be cold so we had to find things that would warm people up," said Kostroski.

The restaurateur huddled up with chefs from around the country to create a culinary event to please the palate and help to kick hunger.

“Taste of the NFL started and still is just a simple idea lets throw a magnificent super bowl party and have all the money that comes in and nets out to go to the food bank in every NFL city,” said Kostroski.

The Taste of NFL has since touched down in every super bowl city and “to date we’ve raised over 25 million dollars more importantly that equates into 200 million meals that if Minnesota had not embraced this for the first year in 92 those 200 million meals wouldn’t be served.”

On February 3, at the Saint Paul RiverCentre, celebs, chefs, and pro players will once again team up to bring football, food, and philanthropy back to where it all began.

"Bringing it back to Minnesota is amazing because in 1992 this was supposed to be one great event representing Minnesota and now it’s been to every Super Bowl city since then. we call it Taste of NFL comes home so proudly,” said Kostroski.

Tickets for the event are available at TasteoftheNFL.com