MINNEAPOLIS - In just a few months, Super Bowl 52 will kick off at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

Here's a fun fact. In NFL history, less than 100 players have participated in four or more Super Bowls for the same team.

Eleven of those players are Minnesota Vikings. We brought together three of the 11, and two of their coaches, for a special look back. We brought together Bud Grant, Alan Page, Paul Krause, Jerry Burns, and Jim Marshall.

The Vikings played in and lost four Super Bowls between 1970 and 1977. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

It has been 40 years since this group last played in the Super Bowl.

“I can't believe how fast time passes when you’re not having fun (laugh),” says Marshall.

Do you feel more pride in having reached four super bowls or more disappointment that you lost the four you participated in?

“Losing four Super Bowls was very, very tough,” says Krause.

“I'd say it's more disappointment in losing, “ says Burns.

“So I didn't like losing preseason games as unimportant as they are and I didn't like losing Super Bowls even more,” says Page.

“We played as hard as we could, and wanted to win as much as they do today but we didn't pull it off,” says Grant.

You had a quote Bud where you said "If winning or losing is going to define you you're on a rough road."

“You got to remember pro football, pro athletics is entertainment,” says Grant. “If you go to movie theater or concert or recital, when it's over, it's over-there's no residuals the Super bowl is a little bit like that. Its entertainment to the degree but when it's over, it's over."

In all four Super Bowls that you guys played in, coached in, how many points did you score in the first half, total, in all four games?

“Not enough,” says Page.

“Probably three or four, “ says Krause.


“Zero, I never realized that before,“ says Burns. “It's tough to lose a Super Bowl and when it's over, the best thing for ya is a nice cold beer (laugh).”

“I think we're going to be a great host for the Super Bowl,” says Marshall.

“It's a chance to showcase who we are,” says Page.

“I'm just hoping we have enough snow so that it looks like Minnesota and feels like Minnesota but not so much that it becomes a problem,” says Page.

“After all those years, I played here 12 years, the closeness of this football team still remains,” says Krause.

Krause points at Grant. “Here's our leader right there,” says Krause.

“Well you like to remember, pretty soon we're all going to just be history, “ says Grant.

Well, hopefully not soon.

“Not real soon but not too far along the line, we'll be another part of history enjoy it while we can,” says Grant.

“I think as time has gone by people realize how good our football team was. I hated to lose but I still have all my friends, I still have the memories and that means more to me than anything,” says Krause.