GREEN BAY, Wis. - As Minnesota counts down to Super Bowl 52, some Green Bay Packer fans apparently want in on the action.

This week, team shareholders reportedly asked, "Why not Lambeau Field?"

KARE 11's Zachery Lashway asked officials across the border that very question.

"Well I tell you, I'm glad you brought that up," says Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy. "I am going to go off script here."

Murphy says the truth hurts, but there are a couple of major issues with a Super Bowl coming to Green Bay.

"Number one is the number of hotel rooms," he says.

Murphy says a host city must have 30,000 hotel rooms within a one-hour radius.

"We have 8,000," he says. "So we would have to go on a tremendous building spree."

The other big issue: Wisconsin's cold winter air.

"The weather here in February," Murphy says.

With an outdoor stadium, that could be a big problem.

"I think he is right about that," says Richard Ryman, a business reporter who's covered the Packers for 16 years.

"Even if we get over the hotel rooms problem, February is an awfully cold month in Wisconsin," he says.

And Ryman adds another concern.

"From what I have been told, it costs the hosting community a lot of money to host a Super Bowl as well, and I suspect that would be difficult for us to do if it's a really large amount."

So for now, the answer is no. But not to worry -- Murphy has other big plans.

"What we have decided as an organization is we are going to host every NFC Championship that we can into the future," he says.