EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. - Head coach Mike Zimmer said after sleeping on it and re-watching the tape, he's still frustrated with the performance of his team during Sunday's game against Philadelphia.

The first loss for the Minnesota Vikings, who now drop to 5-1, was not pretty and there's no sugarcoating that, Zimmer said during his Monday press conference.

"We did several dumb things in this football game," Zimmer said. "We kind of pride ourselves on being a smart football team and we didn't do a lot of smart things in this game."

The Vikings lost to the Eagles, 21-10, in a game that saw QB Sam Bradford being sacked half a dozen times.

"There's so many of these things that were so uncharacteristic of our football team that was really disappointing to me," Zimmer said.

Zimmer said this football team typically knows when it makes mistakes and he's looking forward to see how his players' determination comes into play going forward.

"This is a gut-check day," he said. "I do have faith in this football team. Faith is belief without proof so right now I don't have any proof, so I have to have faith that we'll get it done. And I think we will."

Meanwhile, TE Kyle Rudolph took to twitter Monday morning to put things in perspective, calling out the "bandwagon" fans.