MINNEAPOLIS - Apparently Fox Sports needs to update its photo library.

Fans took to Twitter Sunday after the sports network apparently used a photo of Minnesota Vikings QB Sam Bradford's head that was photoshopped onto a photo of injured QB Teddy Bridgewater's body.

The biggest tell? Bridgewater has earned the nickname "Teddy Two-Gloves" for his signature look on the field while Bradford skips the accessory completely.

The photo shows the correct number for Bradford -- and some editing on the skin tone -- but it's not a one-time slip-up. A Deadspin editor noted on Twitter that this image has been used for more than a month.

It was enough for the Vikings social media team to call out the network, and kindly suggest they can assist if they're in need of an actual image of the quarterback. The team later trolled Fox Sports, calling out the network and its "interesting history books."