MINNEAPOLIS - We'd never seen anyone like him.

"The Minnesota Vikings have selected wide receiver from Marshall, Randy Moss."

The Vikings drafted Moss in 1998, after he slipped to them at pick #21. Right away, he showed off his lightning speed, soft hands, and extraordinary hops.

"The kid has a lot of ability, this is only the beginning," said Cris Carter, Moss' teammate and future Hall of Fame wide receiver.

Moss burst onto the scene, scoring two touchdowns in his first game, instantly becoming the Vikings biggest star.

"We ran the 3 R's play: Run, Randy, Run," said Red McCombs, the Vikings Owner in 1998.

Randy ran into the endzone 17 times as a rookie, an NFL record.

But, there was the pain too.

"Big fella, I'm going to miss you, bro. I love you," said Moss, holding back tears when Korey Stringer suddenly died from heat stroke in 2001.

Then, with the Vikings season unraveling, Moss exclaimed, "You know, when I want to play, I'll play."

A year later, legal trouble...

REPORTER: "Randy, can you tell us what happened?"
MOSS: "Nope, you'll hear about it later."

Moss was arrested and charged for bumping a traffic control cop with his car.

But, Moss did keep getting into the end zone, most famously in a Wild Card win over the Packers at Lambeau Field in 2005, when Moss fake-mooned the Packers crowd.

FOX Play-by-Play broadcaster Joe Buck called the display, "disgusting."

Moss wasn't too disgusted, even though the NFL fined him $10,000.

REPORTER: "How do you pay, man?"
MOSS: "Huh?"
REPORTER: "If you don't write checks, how do you pay these guys?"
MOSS: "Straight cash homie."

All of that sent Moss straight out of Minnesota. Months later - in 2005 - he was traded to Oakland.

"I just felt let down in a way that seven years of marriage and this is what you give me, a slap in the face," said Moss in 2005.

From there, he starred for New England, before being traded back to the Vikings in 2010.

"Pull your 84 jerseys out, I think this is going to be a fun ride," said Moss.

That ride lasted only 4 games; Head Coach Brad Childress cut Moss a month later.

A month after that, the Metrodome collapsed, symbolizing the end of Moss' Minnesota career.

156 career touchdowns.
Over 15,000 receiving yards.

And, tonight, at US Bank Stadium, Randy Moss, a talent we'd never seen before, will go into the Vikings Ring of Honor, never to be forgotten.