MINNEAPOLIS - After five games into the NFL season, the Minnesota Vikings are the last of the undefeated.

“This is a special team," said Vikings fan Steve Arnest.

But as Vikings fans know all too well, some magnificent seasons have ended in heartbreaking losses; 2015, 2009, 1998 to name a few.

“It can be heartbreaking, yeah. It’s like oh no, not again,“ said Vikings fan John Eberle.

Theresa Benoit is the owner and a Marriage and Family Therapist at the Relationship Center in St. Louis Park. She says the relationship between fans and their team can be very similar between two people.

“I had a client who felt so betrayed by a decision the Vikings made. She had been an avid fan and she had to completely stop watching,” Benoit said.

That is not common in what she sees.

Amanda Hartzell is a Psychotherapist at the center.

“When things are good, you’re happy. When things are not, you’re experiencing all these negative emotions it’s just very similar how a relationship works,” Hartzell said.

By all accounts, this Vikings team is looking good. If you buy into it being a then, emotionally, you’re probably set.

For the guardedly optimistic, Hartzell has some advice.

“It sucks when you have a really long history of bad relationships but it does not mean that there isn’t a good one out there,” she said.

Perhaps for Vikings fans, 2016 is the good one.