Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Michael Floyd is due back in court June 26 for “non-compliance of high alcohol tests” related to his guilty plea earlier this year to an extreme DUI charge, a Scottsdale City Court (Ariz.) spokesperson confirmed Friday.

According to the court, Floyd, who spent 24 days in county jail and is serving out the rest of his 120-day sentence on home confinement, had a non-compliant test Sunday.

TMZ reported Friday that Floyd’s alcohol monitoring system flagged five “events” on Sunday and Monday and three of them were for high alcohol.

Citing a court representative, TMZ reported Floyd “blamed the positive tests on Kombucha — a fermented tea that contains a very low amount of alcohol.”

The Vikings tweeted a statement early Friday afternoon saying simply that they were aware of the situation.

Floyd's agent also released a statement late Friday afternoon.

A Minnesota native, Floyd entered his guilty plea Feb. 16.

He signed with the hometown Vikings last month