ST. PAUL, Minn. - The Wild will miss Zach Parise.

Today, Wild General Manager Chuck Fletcher announced Parise will be out 8-10 weeks after having successful microdiscectomy surgery.

What's that?

"In our lower back we have an alternating series of bones and discs that are designed to provide movement and absorb shock," said Dr. Matt Kang, a HealthPartners Physician, and the Department Chair of Neurosurgery at Regions Hospital in St. Paul.

Dr. Kang says when there's stress to our spine, sometimes an outside disc tears and the softer inside can leak out and hit nerves.

"It can cause symptoms from the origin of that nerve where it starts near your spine, all the way to where that nerve ends, in your toes," said Dr. Kang.

Parise, 33, first started feeling pain in January 2016 and he missed the playoffs that spring. Last season, his production slipped, just 42 points, his fewest per game since he was a rookie. But Dr. Kang says this surgery is common and age doesn't matter.

"The vast majority of people who get this microdiscectomy generally don't require any more surgery," said Dr. Kang.

Of course, most people don't play for the Wild.

Parise's in his sixth season of a 13-year, $98 million dollar contract, and hockey can add stress on those discs.

"It's really critical in the first few months to see what his symptoms are and see how his discs behave," said Dr. Kang.

If Parise is out 8-10 weeks, which Dr. Kang said is an accurate timetable, he'd miss about 30 games and be back around Christmas.