ST. PAUL, Minn. - On Monday, people woke up to the horrific news that America's deadliest mass shooting had occurred in Las Vegas.

Minnesota Wild forward Jason Zucker is among the Minnesotan's expressing shock and sympathy.

"Vegas is my hometown, where I grew up and many of my friends and family still live," Zucker said in a Twitter post. "My heart goes out to everyone who was injured and killed and their families receiving the most devastating news. I'm thankful to know my families and friends are safe."

In an article on, Zucker said he had one friend who was at the concert and was shot. As far as Zucker knows, his friend is in stable condition.

In the post, Zucker called for people in Vegas to donate blood at an area Red Cross. The Red Cross says it is on the ground and working in close coordination with emergency officials to provide comfort and support.

Following the shooting, the Red Cross provided more than 250 additional blood products to local hospitals to help those injured and stand ready to provide blood and blood products as needed.

"I know Vegas will bounce back. I know they're a strong community with a lot of great supporters behind them," Zucker told