ST. PAUL - For triathlete Gwen Jorgensen, winning a gold medal in Rio meant four years of countless hours of work and also four years of countless nights away from Minnesota.

“I’d say on average during the past four years we’ve spent about 50 nights a year here. We’ve probably only spent 10 nights here so far this year,” said Jorgensen.

When she is home, however, you can find Jorgensen jogging the streets of St. Paul, and it just so happens that this weekend her backyard becomes her latest challenge.

“Literally the streets I’m going to be running on for the TC 10 Mile are the streets I run on every single day,” said Jorgensen.

The TC 10 mile though will actually be the longest running race Jorgensen has ever done. But here’s the thing, Gwen’s no doubt one of the greatest runners in triathlon history, and she’s hoping to use this weekend as a stepping stone to crossing a new challenge off her bucket list.

“I’m doing the New York City Marathon,” Jorgensen said. “I just love running so much, and the marathon is this iconic event. It’s something that everyone knows what the marathon is. It’s been going on forever, and I just want to go out there and test my limit.”

Just like she did in Rio.

“When I see (my medal) I still smile,” Jorgensen said. “It’s a pretty cool thing.”