SOCHI, Russia - I had a chance to meet Megan Brozek a member of the U.S. Women's Hockey team. I recently learned that Megan and I went to the same high school in Illinois and that we both grew up in the same town, so I knew that when we went to the team's news conference, I was going to ask to take a quick picture with her. I had intended to take a quick self-portrait photo, otherwise known as a selfie.

When we were finished interviewing Megan, her and I both got together so I could take a quick selfie and she started to doubt my selfie ability because my first attempt was basically a picture up both our noses. We could not stop laughing and I could not line up the shot to take a good picture of us! That's when Dave Schwartz captured the "moment" with the two of us just cracking because I was so bad at taking a selfie.

But I have to defend myself a little bit too. I have an iPhone that I use at home and am able to take selfies without a problem. However, we were given smart phones to use here that are bigger than an iPhone with larger screens. And for some unexplainable reason I cannot figure out how to take a selfie with these devices! I feel like such a failure!

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