BLOOMINGTON, Minn. – Minnesotans have plenty of other hockey teams and tournaments to pay attention to this winter, but the last few days of Olympic hockey has been disappointing.

"I was just kind of shocked," said Amy Hale while watching Wayzata face off against Benilde-St. Margaret's on Saturday. "I really thought we would've done better."

The women settled for silver after a loss to Canada, but their reaction proved they wanted gold. As for the men, they too lost to Canada, then fell to Finland for bronze.

"I really thought the men were the best in the world," said Chase Mark from Minnetonka. "I'm not sure about the effort they gave."

Minnesota native Henry Boucha says the women can be proud, but the men "lacked passion at times." Boucha knows all about Olympic hockey, he was on Team USA and won a silver medal in 1972.

"Maybe we have to rethink how we prepare for a tournament like this," he says. "You have to play with resiliency and you have to give 100 percent every single shift. That's what other teams are doing."

As for how fans are feeling about our Canadian neighbors?

"They're nice people and have great maple syrup, but…." says Kolja Thielmann from Wayzata. "They're a good team, but it's sad to see us lose to them."