SOCHI, Russia - On the biggest sports stage in the world, Lakeville native Andrew Kent has had only one week to prepare for his assignment.

"It feels natural," says Kent. "It's a question of, you know, it's another big event, another big stage and all that, but it doesn't really feel that big."

If Kent seems cavalier about the situation, that could be because it's very familiar. When he is not at the Olympics, this Augsburg Alum is the goalie coach at the University of Minnesota.

He serves as the coach for Gophers goalie Noorah Raty, who is also the starter for Team Finland. She also happened to be the loudest voice in making sure Kent joined her on the team.

"Yeah, we didn't have a goalie coach in the fall," says Noorah Raty. "I know one pretty good guy who can do some great things for us."

He certainly did big things for Raty at the University of Minnesota. Raty finished with 114 wins and 34 shutouts. A lot of that was her natural talent, but a lot was their working relationship.

"I know how to push her buttons," says Kent. "We just have that relationship, so it's pretty easy to give and take."

"It's huge," says Raty. "He was a big reason why I was so good during the playoffs the last few years."

Kent knows goalies. He does not; however, know Finland. He'd never been to Finland before taking the job. He is not of Finnish decent and he speaks very little, that is to say almost none.

Thankfully, goals against average and save percentage is part of a universal language that this Minnesota native speaks just fine.