Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Michael Floyd was ordered Monday to serve one day in jail as result of a positive test for alcohol during a stint on house arrest in his extreme DUI case, according to an ESPN report.

A judge at the Scottsdale (Ariz.) City Court ruled that Floyd would be allowed to serve the final five days of his sentence on home conferment, ESPN reported.

Floyd contended his positive test was due to the consumption of kombucha teas.

Floyd pleaded guilty earlier this year to the extreme DUI charge and served 24 days of his 120-day sentence before he was permitted to serve the duration of his sentence confined to his home.

Floyd's agent, Brian Murphy, said that the wide receiver was tested at least six times per day as part of the term of his home monitoring. Floyd had about a week left on the home monitoring program when he was flagged for having alcohol in his system earlier this month.

How much alcohol is really in kombucha tea?

Chris Freytag, health coach and owner of gethealthyutv.com, says while kombucha tea is a fermented drink, it only has a tiny amount of alcohol; about .5 percent.

"It's trace amounts of alcohol. I just can't imagine that you can get drunk on this," said Freytag. "Really, everybody should be eating some sort of fermented food every day. Fermented food are really good for your gut flora, so everybody should have a little bit of fermented food in their daily meal plan."

She says kombucha has numerous health benefits -- especially for your "gut health."