MINNEAPOLIS, Minn -- It’s 5 a.m. and Twins Director of Communications and Public Relations Dustin Morse is already at work, even though first pitch isn’t for 10 hours.

How many things does he have to get done every day?

"Hard to put a number on it," he says. "You’ve kind of got your hand into a little bit of everything."

He’s quick to point out that he doesn’t work alone, working with a staff of nine others in his department. He tries to make hard work a fun atmosphere.

”It’s no easy journey,” Morse says. “You put in a lot of time and a lot of hours. Try not to complain. We put in a lot of time here, so we try to have a good time.”

 As the head of PR, Morse lives behind the scenes and must walk a fine line. To represent the players and their interests, but make sure that the Twins brand is as accessible as it can be. And he’s got fans on both sides

Still, things pop up.

 “We got to put out one of those fires,” Morse says.

 Today, it’s players that are supposed to pass out hats. But now they have a meeting at the same time.

“So I either have to adjust the time or beg," Morse says.

He cuts a deal with manager Paul Molitor.

The job takes a lot of time and patience. Impeccably dressed, Morse constantly faces a barrage of people, media, players, former players and staff — and he does it all with a smile.

“It starts with Dave St. Peter,” Morse says. “He’s as accessible as anybody and he kind of sets the bar.”

Before the game, Morse rarely stays still. About the only time he sits is during the game. But even that doesn’t last long.

It’s a busy life – that isn’t confined to the ball park. He has a wife and two kids and travels a lot. But he takes the job of fatherhood just as seriously as head of PR.

“You’re running hard all the time,” Morse says, standing in the dugout. “But being a dad you can’t turn that off. They don’t understand that I got up at 3:30 this morning. They just want see me when I get home. So, you make up for it. I don’t take every road trip.”

But he does take in every moment. Keeping things smooth, effortlessly. But at a fevered pace — the only way he knows how.